Baby boy J.W.Jang

I have a cousin brother who’s about 20 years younger than me. Well, my mom got married slightly early, and my uncle got married a bit late. So his baby is still like a flower that hasn’t bloomed yet. Still a little baby boy!
I love him so much! When I first met him in 2012 during my holiday after graduation, he still couldn’t speak a word properly and was still learning how to walk. I enjoyed holding him in my arms and bring him to baby school(education before kindergarten). I still can’t forget how lovely he was! Then after I got job, I went to Korea for holiday about 6-7months ago from now. My cousin brother was a smart boy as expected(^_^), he could actually know how to make a good sentence during the conversation. I found him very cute whenever he tried to impress me by showing and letting me to play with his favorite toy. What a lovely baby brother I have!

Introducing my cutiepie, J.W.Jang on my sketchbook!



All my families went to visit grandma in Yeosu. And this boy went along too! It seemed like it’s still quite cold in Korea but I felt envious that my families gathered to celebrate Lunar New year altogether when I’m in Singapore drawing everyday.
Well, it’s my faith and I just wish there will be chances in the future for me to celebrate consecutive holidays like new year, thanksgiving and etc :)

By the way this work was my first time drawing a boy! So honored that its my baby brother :D

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